Click2Sync is very practical, it allows us to manage all our products in one place.
— Juan Fica, Viniloteca


"The ease with which the Click2Sync control panel can be handled, allowed us to have complete control of our sales, just as we need."

"For us click2sync has been very helpful, its flexibility and friendly interface allowed us to synchronize our products very easily. A task that could have taken us weeks, took only a couple of minutes. Automatically click2sync synchronized the marketplaces quickly and easily."

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Common Use Cases

Top demanded configurations


ERP + E-commerce

Have a backend system which normally handles accounting and inventory control documents, and make sure all transactions that happen on your e-commerce are tracked on your backoffice


E-commerce + Marketplace(s)

Connect a e-commerce store to one or more marketplaces, grow traction and sales, go complete multichannel and centralize all channel data

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Dropship + E-commerce/Marketplace

Connect wholesale supplier catalogs via API, filter and curate niche product catalogs, configure business rules, and deliver great buyer experiences


API Warehouses + Marketplace

Accelerate inhouse integration projects and go to market faster with the API, expand reach of consolidated data to other marketplaces, e-commerce apps, or legacy systems