Quick Start

Last updated: Aug 2nd, 2018

Intro & Requirements

This are the main things your custom store needs to be compatible with us:

  • Custom end points for retrieving products and orders with a specific response in JSON (see API specification).
  • Send a key that we will provide in every response that Click2Sync makes to your server.

You will need a minimum of two endpoints (products and orders) up to a maximum of 4. When setting up your custom connection on Click2Sync the endpoints will be saved and used to send GET or POST to your endpoints. This endpoints should be developed in RestfulAPI method and the response and request that Click2Sync requires are in JSON format.

Example of endpoints:


We are using as an example the endpoints "/api/product" and "/api/order" but you can name them anything. For example purposes this name will be used in this tutorial.


1. Add connection

Select "Custom" from the "add storefront" list

2. Configure connection

  • Add the url of your store
  • Add the API endpoints of your store

3. Generate keys

Press the “Generate Key” button and send the generated key as a header response on your endpoints

4. Test your integration

  • Press the "Scan Products" button to begin retrieving your products
  • Ready! Your store is now connected with Click2Sync

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