Click2sync, SKUs and Product Identifiers

By default, when generating new products on a platform click2sync generates a temporal string that uniquely identifies that particular new product that needs to be generated.

In the case of Amazon, Amazon suggest to use the internal SKUs of a seller as the unique identifier for a product.

Click2Sync does not send the seller's SKU, it sends the unique identifier string, this way the complete potential of click2sync for cross platform multi sku products, bundles, wholesale packages, variations, etc. continues to work as expected.

The technical reason behind this is:

By connection products need a unique product identifier. This means people can
create on several shopping cart or ecommerce sites multiple records referring
to the same internal SKU of a physical product. To keep this flexibility 
working, SKUs of sellers are not "primary/unique keys".

This allows you to handle groups or different representations of the same product,
multiple shipping methods or similar features on multiple marketplaces.

If we allow several amazon products to have the same SKU, it will be very 
confusing for you to understand what in click2sync is shown as an "Amazon 
equivalence", and not seeing a 1-1 relationship of that info on your real 
Amazon inventory list.

In the case of Amazon, Amazon expects the seller to provide their SKU.
In click2sync you can still see the real SKUs of products as well as on the 
sales you make.

amazon barcode

One piece of information that is critical for Amazon to work ok and that is required almost 100% of the times when selling on Amazon is to have the barcode information of the product you are selling. This means either a UPC, EAN, JAN, ISBN, or GTIN valid barcode, and not only that, but also to make sure it is the barcode of that product and not just buy barcodes online although that product has a different barcode.

Keep this in mind when onboarding to Amazon to understand what you need and how to find this information in order to use the benefits of the batch upload and update processes that Click2Sync offers.

amazon manufacturer

Manufacturer is also an important field you can set up when doing cross platform category mapping of Click2Sync, or manually by product.

This is also an important requirement from Amazon when creating products on their catalog.

You can generate a mapping like explained here: Category Mappings and Configurations .

Here is an example on how to do category mapping:

amazon variation templates

When selling product that are confirmed by amazon to have variations. Amazon creates the concept of variation templates. What this means is the atributes combinations that is allowed for some product of some type, category, etc.

You can be sure to set the right variation themes by taking a look at the Amazon templates you are able to download from the sellercentral panel.

Amazon Templates for Variations

These templates depending on the category have different Valid Values you can understand depending on the category or categories you are selling. And then, make sure to configure this in the cross category mapping process explained here: Category Mappings and Configurations

New ASIN creation requires the following attributes, for which this SKU provided invalid attribute value, standard_product_id

- SKU does not match any ASIN and contains invalid values for attributes required for creation of a new ASIN.  
  New ASIN creation requires the following attributes, for which this SKU provided invalid attribute value(s): standard_product_id. 

- Contains invalid values for attributes required for creation of a new ASIN

When you are creating new products that don't exist in the Amazon catalog, it is very common to receive this kind of errors. Normally this means that either:

  • The barcodes you are sending are not in the right format
  • The barcodes although are in the right format, Amazon detected a very similar product exists with a different one, so they don't think a new ASIN (Detail Product Page) needs to be created for this product.

On any of the cases, you need to have the right barcodes, that is basically the solution.

The SKU data provided is different from what's already in the Amazon catalog, data provided matches ASIN, but the following data is different from what's already in the Amazon catalog, does not match any ASIN

Some times you can be sending the right barcode but not the right attributes. For example: you are saying the Manufacturer of the accesory is "Your Brand", while some other seller, for the same barcode, says that the right Manufacturer for that accesory is: "The right manufacturer".

In these cases sometimes Click2Sync will retry to upload the info with the values suggested by Amazon. But not always this will be achieved. In the case this happens, you are invited to configure the right values on your products to avoid receiving this kind of errors.