linio height weight length width

Issues of linio height, weight, length, and width can often appear and they basically just mean that those are attributes you need to setup before creating a product on linio.

You can avoid having this issues by configuring default values on your connection settings modal window configuration.

Defaults Linio

So next time you send new products to be massively generated on Linio, it will understand the defaults that need to be sent.

brand not registered on linio

Check out the image on this article of connection defaults configuration. There is a text area box where you can type a dictionary of Brand mappings or translations.

The format should be like this:

Brand X=Valid Brand X
Brand Y=Valid Brand Y
Brand Z=Valid Brand Z

There are some brands on Linio that are not recognized and Linio stops receiving them. What you can do is if you know the right brand name that is supported translate it here.

You can check in the Linio UI the allowed brands that exist, so you can make sure to use the right brands. More specifically on the "templates" section, you can see valid values per category, etc.

Linio Templates